A suggestion for building the kernel batchly.

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Mar 26 09:25:13 PST 2006

El Domingo, 26 de Marzo de 2006 18:25, Dan Nicholson escribió:

> `make oldconfig' will adjust it as David mentioned.  Config's created
> from that version will come out the same.  There's a lot of output,
> though, so you may want to redirect the output.

Current status:

   - To keep the code clar and simple, the kernel build is handled in a
    similar way in both LFS, HLFS anc CLFS modules.

   - If no no .config file is suppiield, the kernel build is skipped.

  - HLFS requires a .config file with the proper GRSECURITY options

  - CLFS requires two .config files: one for the boot phase (minimal and no
   modules) and one for the final system. Both configured for the $TARGET

Thus, a "yes "" | make oldconfid" could be allowed only in LFS, or HLFS if the 
host system is a previous HLFS system, or in same cases of the chrrot method 
in CLFS.

There is many "if" and unknow variables in that equation.

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