jhalfs X: reworked paco patch

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Mar 30 09:54:58 PST 2006

El Jueves, 30 de Marzo de 2006 11:37, Tor Olav Stava escribió:

> Manuel: You might want to glance over my xsl language, as I've never
> worked with xsl before, there's most likely prettier ways to handle things.


> And I'm also curious to if you guys want to take over the patch when
> it's ready, or should I keep it updated. I realize you guys have lots of
> things to work on when you're starting on the BLFS part, so I'm happy to
> keep on working with my baby ;)

I would to review the patch to try to make most simple and re-send it to you.

Say if the last one is enough stable to start playing with and to to try to 
commit the final patch version at the same time that the code merge to trunk 
(intended for next Monday)

But is your baby and you should to take care of it ;-)

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