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Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Tue May 2 15:08:34 PDT 2006

I haven't been following the ALFS list, but I need ask this.

How does the script for LFS decide where to put the files?  I was
somewhat distressed by the current results.  I updated alfs from svn and
copied it to a new system that is booted from the LiveCD.

ALFS did a good job of fetching the book and the sources, except one
file with an md5sum problem where a patch file was good but the sum had
not been updated.

I was a bit unhappy when I ran make, however.  My alfs files are in
/mnt/alfs and I have an empty /mnt/lfs partition mounted.

I entered /mnt/alfs/jhalfs and ran make.  I was quite surprised that all
the LFS programs were placed in /mnt/alfs:

# ls
bin     dev     jhalfs       LICENSE     proc         srv    usr
BLFS  dump-lfs-scripts.xsl.test jhalfs.tar lost+found README sys    var
boot    etc                  jhalfs.test    README.PACO  tmp
CLFS    extras  lfs          media       root         TODO
common  HLFS    LFS          mnt         sbin         tools
contrib home    lib          opt         sources      USAGE

Note that the directories bin dev proc srv usr sys var boot etc tmp root
mnt sbin tools opt lib and home are not where I expected them.

The USAGE file says:

  -d  --directory DIR     use DIR directory for building LFS; all files
                          jhalfs produces will be in the directory
                           DIR/jhalfs. Default is /mnt/lfs.

Since I didn't set --directory, I expected the built files to be in /mnt/lfs

I can recover by doing some simple mv commands, but the program does not
appear to do what is documented.

  -- Bruce

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