couple jhalfs-X thoughts (long.. sorry.)

Jeremy Byron rjjbyron at
Tue May 2 16:00:09 PDT 2006

Dan Nicholson wrote:
> Now seems like a good time to bring up something that died on the -dev
> list a while back.  The zlib maintainer said he would incorporate this
> fix into the next release.
> Then, -fPIC is always added to the shared library flags.  This can be
> accomplished with the following sed:
> sed -i.bak 's/SFLAGS=.*fPIC/SFLAGS="\${CFLAGS--O3} -fPIC"/' configure

This sounds like something that should be put in the LFS book until the
package is updated rather than handled as an edge case in the
optimization script.

Allowing packages to have scripts bound to them (to run seds patches and
such) in the optimization code would be really awkward I think, and
certainly not the right place for that sorta thing.

It's not really that inconvenient to add zlib to the override list until
it's fixed upstream; in fact, that's precisely the sort of thing it's
there for.  Of course, if the sed is added to the book, zlib won't need
the override.


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