The new jhalfs features

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Tue May 2 20:24:47 PDT 2006

George Boudreau wrote:
> Jeremy,
>   In my copy I swapped the definitions of URL1 & URL2 rather than 
> changing their wget positions. SVN is locked out for a while so I will 
> keep this change in mind.

Hrm? SVN isn't locked. Unless you're referring to what Cross-LFS is 
doing? If so, that only affects them, not any of the other projects.

>   Although the download speeds are fully throttle I find the initial 
> response time lagging at GNU. Your priority gives an improved download 
> times in general.

Here's what I had in my working copy (tell me what you think):

# svn diff common/common-functions
Index: common/common-functions
--- common/common-functions     (revision 2622)
+++ common/common-functions     (working copy)
@@ -670,8 +670,8 @@

        # Locations
-    URL1=`echo $line | cut -d" " -f1` # Upstream URL
-    URL2=`echo $line | cut -d" " -f2` # Fallback URL
+    URL1=`echo $line | cut -d" " -f2` # Preferred URL
+    URL2=`echo $line | cut -d" " -f1` # Fallback Upstream URL
      FILE=`basename $URL2` # File name

        # Find the md5 sum for this package.


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