jhalfs trunk issue with older Subversion

Ioan Ionita opslynx at gmail.com
Thu May 4 19:13:43 PDT 2006

Maybe this has already been discussed somewhere. If so, my apologies.
I'm sending it just for archiving purposes. If an older svn client is
used to retrieve the jhalfs trunk, things are not as they should be. I
guess some new functionality has been added in newer releases of
Subversion to deal with symlinks. Maybe someone knows the exact cutoff
svn version. Mine was
svn, version 1.0.9 (r11378)
   compiled Mar 24 2005, 21:43:32

If after doing an svn checkout, the following happens:

root at test:~/jhalfs-trunk# ./lfs
bash: ./lfs: Permission denied

and doing:
root at test:/sources/jhalfs/trunk# file lfs
lfs: ASCII text, with no line terminators

If the output above is received, you are affected.
The proper output is:

root at test:/sources/subversion-1.3.1/jhalfs-trunk# file lfs
lfs: symbolic link to `master.sh'

Possible solutions:

1. Upgrade svn & re-check out the jhalfs trunk


2. create the symbolic links manually after deleting the broken ones. ex:

root at test:~/jhalfs-trunk# rm lfs
root at test:~/jhalfs-trunk# ln -s master.sh lfs

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