jhalfs-2639 optimization patch

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri May 5 11:37:45 PDT 2006

El Viernes, 5 de Mayo de 2006 09:59, Jeremy Byron escribió:

>   - moved optimization mode configurations to common/opt_config.d/<mode>
>     - modes are loaded by a loop in common/opt_config
>     - allows inheritance (more or less)
>     - opt_config could otherwise get very big and hard to edit
>       (especially if people have 9-10+ variables for each mode)

And now moved all optimize files to their own module, to not mess common/.

>   - disabled optimization by default (default should be as per LFS)
>     - removed the '-march=pentium4' from the default so people
>       can get a stripped -O3 build without changing anything
>       if they have a different architecture.

I have it enabled due that in experimental branch we are testing the 
optimizations code ;-)

Now having the command line option is fine to keep it disabled by default.

>     - could/(should?) possibly remove the "-s" from the default too
>       since stripping is optional in the books (but didn't).  Thoughts?

I think that yes. 

Also, I think that should be added a note to noSymbols discussing that if 
using that mode by default (alone or combined whit other mode) STRIPPING 
should be set to 0, to avoid possible conflicts or race condintions.

> Limitations:
>   - No ?LFS optimization support still

For CLFS and HLFS is a matter to add the function calls.

BLFS is another beast ... 

>   - No default optimization mode from command-line

That is fine. We can to privide example files and a sane/failsafe default 
mode, but is the user who should to define their owns modes.

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