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Mon May 8 11:23:30 PDT 2006

El Lunes, 8 de Mayo de 2006 20:04, Jeremy Byron escribió:

> All the changing filenames and variable names would be unexpected
> though; the ability to choose your default is there for flexibility.  As
> I saw it, people would change the values in defOpt as they desired so
> they would know what 'defOpt' is, and the '_*' are descriptive additions
> that can be used by multiple packages.

I has committed this:


This variable set what mode will be used as default mode and as base-mode for 
combined modes in the form defOpt_myMode.

Example mode files:

opt_config.d/noOpt  Static file for packages that requires no optimizations.

opt_config.d/noSymbols Static file to show that if "-s" is used, STRIP=0 
should be set.

opt_config.d/O3pipe Example simple mode that can be used as template.

opt_config.d/defOpt_fPIC Combined mode using DEF_OPT_MODE as base-mode.

opt_config.d/O3pipe_march Combined mode using a fixed mode as base.

I can't think now on a better naming schema.

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