A few points noted when running jhalfs-X SVN

M.Canales.es manuel at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu May 11 13:10:36 PDT 2006

El Jueves, 11 de Mayo de 2006 21:29, Alan Lord escribió:

> 1. After successfully grabbing some of the larger files (>~2Mb) the
> process itself (./lfs) just hung. A ctl-C was required to break out and
> nothing was apparently logged anywhere as to a cause. I think it might
> have been a memory issue on my machine (Old Dell PIV 2.6Ghz with 256M
> RAMBUS!!!). Smaller files were downloaded and the script continued as
> expected...

Looks like a hardware failure or a connexion lost that may hang wget, not 
jhalfs itself.

> 2. Attempting to download tcl-8.4.13 fails (Is this because the book has
> a "?download" at the end of url?????)

There are several files that have ?download. All that URLs are skipped.

But there is a recent bug (added after fixing patches URLs creation) in the 
XSL that creates the URLs generating a bad one for TCL.

I will try to fix it ASAP. Thanks for the report.

> 3. It seems as though the generated makefile and scripts use $LFS to
> refer to the build directory. But we set $BUILDDIR in the config files.
> Is there a reason for this or shouldn't $BUILDDIR actually be called
> $LFS to save confusion. Because as far as I  can tell you must have
> $BUILDDIR=$LFS anyway...

LFS and CLFS uses $LFS, HLFS uses $HLFS.

In jhalfs $BUILDDIR in using in the config file, that is mapped to $MOUNT_PT 
on the Makefile, an lastly it is mapped to $LFS or $HLFS.

But looks that there is few places where the mapping was forgotten :-/

That need be revised and simplified.

> 4. For some reason the "groupadd lfs" and "useradd..." commands weren't
> executed (or they were ignored?) so the makefile barfed when trying to
> "chown lfs..." Weirdly, *all* these commands were present in the
> 022-addinguser script...

021-addinguser:  020-creatingtoolsdir
 @$(call echo_message, Building)
 @if [ ! -d /home/lfs ]; then \
  groupadd lfs; \
  useradd -s /bin/bash -g lfs -m -k /dev/null lfs; \
 else \
  touch user-lfs-exist; \
 @chown lfs $(MOUNT_PT)/tools && \
 chmod a+wt $(MOUNT_PT)/sources && \
 touch $@

I suspect that before running jhalfs you has /home/lfs but not the lfs user 
and group.

Could we to do a better test?

> 5. The script crashed out with an error when trying to create the
> symlink in 032-adjusting - the /tool symlink is owned by root:root
> whereas the $BUILDDIR/tools directory is lfs:lfs (I think I must have
> screwed up early on somewhere but I re-did bit this manually and it is
> now proceedi... Nope it just Barfed again.

See above. 

The chown of $(MOUNT_PT)/tools is done at the same time that the lfs user and 
group creation. If the user isn't created and don't exist, the chown command 
do nothing.

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