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Sat May 13 09:27:48 PDT 2006

El Sábado, 13 de Mayo de 2006 17:11, TheOldFellow escribió:
> I have all the sources in my source store, but they are all bz2.
> Damned svn jhalfs is downloading NEW copies if the originals were gz.

Well, that is what happens when playing with development versions ;-)

> and it fails to create ../sources if it doesn't exist.  Methinks cp
> needs a switch.
> cp: cannot create regular file `/home/newlfs/sources/kernel-config': No
> such file or directory

Not many help to can track that...

I think that you run jhalfs with "--kernel-config" enabled and 
"--get-packages" disabled without having created yet $BUILDDIR/sources, 

Yes, in that situation we need to create $BUILDDIR/sources prior to try to 
copy the kernel config file.

Thanks for the bug report.

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