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Sun May 14 01:44:07 PDT 2006

El Domingo, 14 de Mayo de 2006 05:40, Justin R. Knierim escribió:

> All of the FTP repos are already sha1sum ready.  Whereever there is a
> MD5SUMS file there is a SHA1SUMS file.  I don't know if you use them in
> jhalfs anymore or use the ones from the book instead though.

At this moment we are using the ones in the books. 

That allow to avoid the dependency on wget if the user have already downloaded 
all the proper files (for example, the LiveCD) while MD5 verification can be 
done yet.

Also allow to verify files that aren't yet on the FTP mirror but downloaded 
from upstream.

About if the books should to use MD5 sums or SHA1 sums, that is policy 
decision that should be taken by Matthew, Jeremy, Archiac, Jim and Bruce.

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