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Tue May 16 10:59:06 PDT 2006


A good BLFS support is the big pending issue for jhalfs, and the most waited 
feature. Current implementation creates a not very user-friendly Makefile and 
broken build-scripts for several packages, plus a lot of other bugs. I don't 
want that code in jhalfs-1.0.

I'm thinking on a method to can generate sub-books to extract from the scripts 
and Makefile needed to build only the package, plus its dependencies, 
selected on command line. That method should to allow build BLFS packages 
step-by-step in a linear way.

For example, for a desktop system, in the first run the user could to build 
Xorg+dependencies, on a second run KDE+dependencies, then 
OpenOficce+dependencies. Of course, on each run already satisfied 
dependencies must be skipped.

To implement that, specific BLFS code not related with {C,H,}LFS code must be 
developed. IMHO, ./blfs should be a separate script and all references to 
BLFS should be removed from and common/* files.

But implementing that is a huge task due that the book should be parsed 
forward to solve dependencies. I'm not yet sure what tool, XSL or a bash 
script, is the best to create such sub-books and how many time we will need 
to develop the code.

On any case, I proposse to remove all current BLFS code from trunk and start 
working on a new implementation on the experimental branch, based on the 
above build method or on any other build method to be propossed and 

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