Stupid Question time!

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Wed May 17 09:55:37 PDT 2006


I'm really sorry about this one but I can't figure out why jhalfs stops 
at 028-binutils-pass1 with a mkdir: "cannot create directory 
'../binutils-build' permission denied" message, in the log file.

I have downloaded the latest (yesterday's SVN) jhalfs-X and am running 
it from the 6.2pre4 LiveCD. My $BUILDIR is a clean partition, and no lfs 
user or /home/lfs directory are present on the initial system. ./lfs is 
being run as root BTW.

This is obviously something quite simple and fundamental but I can't 
seem to see the wood for the trees!

A couple of things I couldn't work out were:

* where is $PKGDIR defined? It doesn't appear to be in the main 
Makefile, makefile-functions or other obvious locations...
* When is the unpack command actually called? I can't see it referenced 
in the lfs-command scripts or in the main Makefile...

Any pointers/clue bats/sarcastic comments taken and duly received ;-)


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