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Wed May 17 10:17:02 PDT 2006

El Miércoles, 17 de Mayo de 2006 18:55, Alan Lord escribió:
> Hi,
> I'm really sorry about this one but I can't figure out why jhalfs stops
> at 028-binutils-pass1 with a mkdir: "cannot create directory
> '../binutils-build' permission denied" message, in the log file.

At that point, sources/ should have drwxrwxrwt permissions (set by 

If you can't find where is the issue, please send to me (privately) a tarball 
of the $BUILDDIR/jhalfs directory.

> * where is $PKGDIR defined? It doesn't appear to be in the main
> Makefile, makefile-functions or other obvious locations...
> * When is the unpack command actually called? I can't see it referenced
> in the lfs-command scripts or in the main Makefile...

For example:

028-binutils-pass1:  022-settingenvironment
 @$(call unpack,binutils-2.16.1.tar.*) <---- UNPACK
 @ROOT=`head -n1 /tmp/unpacked | sed 's@^./@@;s@/.*@@'` && \
 echo "export PKGDIR=$(MOUNT_PT)$(SRC)/$$ROOT" > envars && \ <--- SET $PKGDIR

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