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Wed May 24 10:59:34 PDT 2006

El Miércoles, 24 de Mayo de 2006 02:59, George Boudreau escribió:

> The attached files (modified) are how I see the division of the code. I
> am still working my way through your design ideas but as far as I can
> tell this is a usable methodology. I can see it being called from
> {c,h}lfs and satisfying most peoples needs.

Actually, we will need to can call it from inside {c,h}lfs to can build at 
least the packages blfs will depend on ;-)

> I did not want to commit the files before you had a chance to comment on
> my direction..

The directions looks good. Some suggestions:

 - I will go to rewrite now the circular dependencies handler to make it more 
functional. Instead of drooping all optional dependencies, just drop only the 
affected one.

 - To move generate_dependency_tree to func_dependencies

 - To move generate_TARGET_xml, generate_target_book and create_build_scripts 
to a new func_parser file. 

 - Soon we will need also a func_makefile file and maybe a separate script. Thus subdirectories for function files and XSL 
files could be needed to keep the working dir clean.

 - Maybe do_dependencies could be splitted on small chunks.

Well, I will go to do the circular dependencies code change and let you to 
think and work on all that.

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