Stupid Question time!

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri May 26 23:39:58 PDT 2006

Alan Lord wrote:
>> That issue was due the recent addition on LFS of packages.ent and the 
>> lags of three days from that change until update jhalfs code.
> Thanks Manuel,
> An updated version of jhalfs is doing the trick...

This one just bit me too. The jhalfs that is provided on the livecd 
version does not generate a working Makefile file with the latest book.

May I suggest that for the livecd you drop a checked out SVN version? 
Livecds will generally always lag behind and since the book is checked 
out of SVN (potentially) the shipped jhalfs may not function properly. 
We could run "svn up" to bring jhalfs up to date, then configure it, and 
generate the build system more easily.

Gerard Beekmans

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