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Wed Oct 11 12:08:53 PDT 2006

El Miércoles, 11 de Octubre de 2006 20:19, Alan Lord escribió:

> I started "make" in the /blfs_root and started to select the packages
> which I wanted. When I finished choosing, it told me I could only do one
> at a time so went back and de-selected everything bar DHCP.

Maybe that should be mentioned in a most prominent way in README.BLFS.

> I got that to build O.K. but after that point I can't get back to the
> initial menu to select any more packages. I run make and it tells me
> there is nothing to do for /blfs_root!

Uh :-?

Is at this moment your /blfs_root/Makefile identical to the 
jhalfs/BLFS/Makefile one?

I suspect that you has run ./gen_makefile.sh from inside ./blfs_root instead 
running ../gen_makefile.sh from inside /blfs_root/<package>/.

We need to add a check to prevent that to happen :-/

> The way I am trying to do it (probably completely wrong) takes longer
> and is more convoluted than using my own simple list of packages - that
> I have built up over the years and are in some sort of correct order -
> and simply C&P the book's commands.

Having pre-made cunstomized scripts and a lot of experience building BLFS 
packages the way how blfs-tool works may seems hard at first glance (and is 
hard if your first target is a package with a lot of dependencies). 

But honestly I can't think on other way to automatize the build resolving 
dependencies and allowing users to desviate from the default BLFS book 

> My guess is I have misunderstood the way this is supposed to work and am
> just being stupid!

Or maybe README.BLFS need more in deeper information.

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