Seg Fault again!

Alan Lord lord_alan at
Tue Oct 17 10:47:58 PDT 2006 wrote:
> El Martes, 17 de Octubre de 2006 11:14, Alan Lord escribió:
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> ----- Building target 056-stripping
>>   [++|./ line 45: 30008 Segmentation fault      sleep
>> .12 sec
>>   Target 056-stripping OK
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Do you remember if the previous segfault was also during a stripping phase?

I don't sorry. But it certainly was "around that time" i.e. quite early 
in the build...

> Until few weeks ago the sleep command used  was the one from the host.
> But now, due the changes in Makefile generation and build method, after 
> installing Coreutils in chapter 5 the one used is the newly installed as 
> /tools/bin/sleep, that is the one that will be stripped. The same is true when 
> stripping the final system, at that point the binary used is the new one 
> installed in $BUILDDIR/bin/sleep, that will be stripped. 
> Then, if by a chance calls sleep at the same time that it is 
> processed by strip, may that be the cause of the segfault?

That certainly sounds like a plausible cause....


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