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George Boudreau georgeb at
Thu Oct 19 10:33:48 PDT 2006 wrote:
> El Miércoles, 18 de Octubre de 2006 21:31, George Boudreau escribió:
>>    Although the ink is still wet on the jhalfs-2.0 certificate it would
>> not hurt to open a full discussion on a redesign for jhalfs-3.0
> Yes. Maybe you could to open a new thread about that topic.
> Pd: What is the status of HLFS 2.4-branch support?. I haven't tried it yet.
   The 2.4 branch is broken. Robert reverted 2.4 back to the LFS style 
of building, separate packages instead of binutils/gcc combine. I have 
made some early attempts to merge both styles in the HLFS code but I 
looks too ugly to release. I will work on it over the next few days.


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