JHALFS-3.0 Desgin suggestions.

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Mon Oct 30 09:43:23 PST 2006

El Viernes, 27 de Octubre de 2006 03:28, Dan Nicholson escribió:

> I think this is very much needed, and I think this method allows the
> greatest flexibility with the least intrusion on the basic LFS book.


But remember that that build customization approach requires the user to know 
XSL to create their own plugins when command changes are required, and that 
two pligins that made changes to the XSL code for sepparate features is most 
likely that can't be used at the same time.

> 1. I think the roles have to be lowercase. I might be wrong, but valid
> xhtml definitely specifies lower case <tags>. I would expect this to
> extend to attributes. 

True for tags and attibutes names. Attribute values have its own content. In 
the case of role attibute its value can be any CDATA string. 

> Plus, lower case is easier on the eyes, IMO. 

I agree.

> 2. I don't think as many roles are needed to get started with. The
> minimum partitioning of the build in my mind is:
> Building: unpacking, patching, configure, make, etc.
> Testing: make check or similar
> Installing: make install and any subsequent commands that affect files
> in the root filesystem
> With this line of thinking, to get started we'd need just two roles:
> "test" and "install". The non-attributed <userinput> would be the
> basic building procedure.

IMHO, If we are going to proposse that type of book changes is better to made 
a good desing from the beggining.

I think that to have each type of command tagged sepparately allow a more in 
deeper flexibility and can allow to create more simplest and readable XSL 

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