Greetings and a General Cleanup

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Mon Oct 30 10:12:53 PST 2006

Hi Everyone,

I was poking around a bit today on and noticed that the 
LiveCD Trac system was cluttered with spam tickets. It seems to have 
sparked a little annoyance in me, because I went to check if I could 
still get administrative access. A little to my surprise, I was able to 
get in, so I cleaned up all the spam. I started by marking the tickets 
as invalid, but then figured out how to delete them entirely. Also, I 
deleted the accounts responsible for the spam and turned off open user 
registration for the LiveCD trac system. At least until the LiveCD 
project is better moderated, only allowed users can create tickets.

The little bit of activity felt nice and renewed my desire to help 
somewhat. So I thought I'd bring up two other points while I'm at it.

First off, the ALFS project as a whole needs some re-structuring. I 
gather that development on jhalfs is still hot (I've taken a peek at 
recent code - you guys are doing some cool stuff. :) ), but it seems 
that everything else there is rather dead. I'd suggest dropping the rest 
of it entirely, focus on improving jhalfs, and clean up the project so 
that it better reflects the activity. This leads me to my second point...

The ALFS page on the website is a good example of the condition of the 
site as a whole. The content there is generally outdated and there's 
nothing to show the activity that's going on in the background. So, I 
guess I'm curious if there is still resistance to the idea of turning 
the wiki into the main site. It just may encourage developers to keep 
the site more up-to-date, and in turn, encourage more in general to 
participate with the project. One of the objections to this, IIRC, was 
the inability to mirror. However, also IIRC, the CLFS project has been 
able to mirror Trac - they might have some insights there. For that 
matter, when it comes down to it, web mirrors may not really be all that 
helpful, except for perhaps when it comes to the actual books. It might 
be just as efficient to keep the 'site' all on one server via the wiki, 
but link to mirrors that contain the published books for online reading.

That's just some passing thoughts I had. I realize that I'm not really 
up to speed with the dynamics of the group these days, so my take on 
matters may very well be inaccurate. If I'm completely ignored, I'll 
understand. :)

In any case: Hello!


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