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John Lane lfs at
Mon Oct 30 16:20:09 PST 2006


Are there any simple instructions for using jhalfs ?

I've tried to build this with mixed results. Problems I've had include

    * it took me a short while to work out the required build command,
      including the location of the sources. Eventually I went with

    ./lfs -D /mnt -B 6.2 -G -T 0 -M -W /usr/share/LFS-BOOK-6.3-XML

    Is this right? Could the readme contain the command line to use,
    perhaps in a "quick and dirty run-it-now" section ?

    * I was getting an "error2" about a third of a way into the build
      but I found out this was down to disk space - perhaps a disk space
      requirement in the readme ?

    * I am now getting an "error2" in the build of the kernel, however I
      think I have plenty of disk space this time. I have checked the
      log file from the Kernel build but I can't see anything obvious. I
      am using a config file from my "by hand" LFS system.

Any thoughts on where I am going wrong, or pointers would be much 


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