JHALFS-3.0 Desgin suggestions.

Alan Lord lord_alan at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Oct 31 05:25:10 PST 2006

George Boudreau wrote:
> Hi,
>    Lately there has been rumblings about 'plugins' and flexiblity and 
> there is more than a little interest in those features. For Manuel and I 
> to include those features in 2.0 would create more problems than 
> features and would end up looking like a M$ product. That being said, we 
> are open to ideas from the LFS community on what 3.0 should include and 
> how it might work. So put on your thinking caps, dust off that HB pencil 
> and jot down some ideas. There is no guarantee any of your ideas will 
> make into the final product so be persuasive. give examples and as 
> always send $.
>    George

Hi team,

here's my input to your request for ideas. (Thanks for asking BTW)

1. I, as I guess many of us, would really like a way for jhalfs to
"remember" the extras we add to our brand-new LFS to make it into our
bootable, usable, featured box. I mean adding things like DHCP, a
browser, SSL/SSH, and maybe even X... So that when a new revision of LFS
comes out it "remembers" our personal preferences and adds them to the
build script. FYI, I also tend to just tar up some things like my 
current /etc and copy it over any new system I build. (At least that way 
I know what the passwd/user/group names are ;-)).

2. Be able to create a "minimum" set of BLFS packages to get you to a
"useful system" and store those settings; like things such as the 
ludicrously long (but heavily personalised) PHP --configure line. The 
idea being I can have my default "system" spec'd out and ready to roll 
in a jiffy!

3. Being able to use the new jhalfs-3 platform(+plugins) to automate
builds from start to finish, (perhaps even through a reboot!) so remote
installs could be achieved and complete systems be built without

4. Be easy to create personal package additions and decide when and
where they should be built/installed in the sequence of the build 
process. Especially relevant for BLFS.

5. Be stable; in the sense that new releases of jhalfs or LFS/BLFS do 
not require the user to re-build all his personal scripts. Within reason 
of course...

I realise that most of these things are pretty similar in actuality. I 
guess the real nub is this:

Being able to automatically create my "Standard Linux System" and keep 
all those extra settings portable across versions of jhalfs and the books.

I am a user of LFS/BLFS systems rather than an editor so my useage is 
different from theirs (like the ICA/Farce stuff or the way it acurately 
tests "the book"). I am looking for a tool that will let me develop a 
platform (i.e. my own distro) which can then be built on multiple boxes 
with minimal/no user intervention.

jhalfs is a great tool and has come a long way in very short time... I 
appreciate all the work you guys have done so far and hope that my 
comments are useful.



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