Greetings and a General Cleanup

George Makrydakis gmakmail at
Tue Oct 31 13:52:22 PST 2006

On Monday 30 October 2006 21:02, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> Yeah, that would still be cool. What happened to the other George (gmak)?
> --
> JH

Hello Jeremy.

Very glad to see you back in the mailing list. As for me, I still monitor the 
mailing list... But it has been a _long_ time since my last post.  I am doing 
work on own my version of the drama whenever that is possible, having it grow 
the way it should. I initially was in doubt of whether emailing you directly 
or sending this to the mailing list, but as you see, well...! If you have 
time, read what follows.

It is _not_ just about parsing the files and spitting out the bash commands 
anymore, if I am allowed to say this after several months of absence with no 
code posts whatsoever (and for a _very_ valid reason, feel free to judge this 
any way you wish, i am always open). The _final_ product will be GPL anyway 
so this will keep everybody happy.

With jhalfs being "the" tool for autobuilding LFS something alternative should 
not simply be an option but a much more versatile solution. And that, as you 
very well know, takes time - will aside. Some people could see this as 
competition for "the" tool, something it is not at all.

As a side - note, many times I have had the desire to go and put stuff into 
the jhalfs code, because the work of George B. is what I would like to define 
as "addictive". :) His set of suggestions about the alternative layout of the 
book should be _very_ well taken under consideration. I have dealt with the 
same issue in my own modification of the book structure and opted for 
something similar when it comes to the userinput tags. Being 
a "do-not-use-it-unless-you-have-to-not-because-you-know-how-to-use-it" guy I 
have done some mods that would excommunicate me if presented or talked about 
right now :P.

**inner voice**
Needless to say that interfering in what you do _NOT_ actually have any say or 
active contribution just for offering "your way" of things is definitely 
_RUDE_ and _OFF_TOPIC_ as well as ...
**inner voice ends!**

I would also like to take the opportunity to give my best regards and 
compliments to George B. and the rest of the bash coding team for the 
excellent work done in pushing bash and third party tools to their extremes 
so far. They have created a very well checked bash toolkit for this that can 
easily find reuse in many other areas. For what it concerns Mr. Greg Schafer 
of the cousin diy-linux project, my compliments for providing his solid view 
on meta - source distro building to *lfs as well (in his way). I do enjoy his 
work _greatly_.

Anyway,  serious dev work around this should have never  been made under POC 
posts, but it should first _flow_ to a point of robustness. Obvious pitfalls 
are allowed in POC -  but in this way, being based in "out of the pool" 
inspirations you end up being kind of  misinterpreted before they are 
complete not to mention you waste time on either explaining acceptable POC 
level logical errors or else (cut brief: I am making a set of _libraries_ 
that are customized for something like this and more).

For the record, both name and overall purpose of the project by yours truly 
have changed. There will be a separate place in the web managed by yours 
truly with the first release (_clarification:_ no competition whatsover 
without anything coming out of the lfs breed pool, it is not anymore only 
about building it automatically).

That said, I look forward to the day I will not be doing this single handed 
nor behind the scenes. For now I stick to the moto "Patience is a virtue...".

Best regards and a warm warm welcome back :) Hope to read more of you here, 
elsewhere and elsewhere...

George M.

PS it is not gmak anymore (many other people and "things" go by the same nice 
nick :( so i will stick to George M.), but anyway your memory is astonishing, 
thanks for remembering.

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