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George Boudreau georgeb at
Mon Sep 18 14:39:28 PDT 2006

Thomas Trepl wrote:
> Hi,
> On Monday 18 September 2006 23:04, George Boudreau wrote:
>> Thomas Trepl wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> when using the (new) kernel headers of the kernel package (2.6.18+), i
>>> think the common/common-functions needs to be adjusted in the way that
>>> the kernel tarball gets allways copied - not only if we have a config
>>> file specified (that is round about line 830ff).  Am i right?
>>    jhalfs-1.0 has the parameter
>>     GETKERNEL={0/1)
>>    which forces a download/transfer of the kernel even if the 'config'
>> is not defined.
>>    The SVN version has a menu selection
>> + General Settings
>>    +-> Retrieve Source Files
>>        +-> Always retrieve kernel package
> Thanks George, I'll have a look to that options - and do an update of the 
> local copy.  Anyway, i think at least the defaults will need to be adjusted, 
> don't you think so? But it's not quite essential...
> ah, before i forget, just a suggestion:  Is it possible to rename the 
> {B,C,H,}LFS directories to {B,C,H,}LFS.d ?  I have exported the jhalfs 
> installation and my software conglomeration via Samba (ok, a bit weird, but 
> it works well so far). On the client side, i had a lot of trouble with that 
> duplicate names of the scripts symlink and the dir (lfs<-->LFS). After i 
> patched the and renamed the dirs, i was able to start on my 
> laptop...  Just a thought.
> BTW, that jhalfs is a great tool!

   The svn version different from jhalfs-1.0 There have been drastic 
changes to the layout and configuration. Save a copy of your modified 
1.0 before you retrieve a svn copy.

    Enjoy the new & improved jhalfs

> Cu
> Thomas
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