Ubuntu? + note to Michael...

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On 7/31/07, Michael J. Lynch <mlynch at gcom.com> wrote:
>     First, I'm using an older Ubuntu distro (Hoary).  There were two
> major problems I ran into.
>     The first problem was with the "md5sum" command.  For whatever
> reason the md5sum command on Ubuntu Hoary won't allow use of
> stdin as the source of the "checkfile" argument.  The "checkfile" arg
> must come from a real file.  So my fix was to modify the
> file to write the MD5 variable to a temporary file and then change the
> actual check to:
>     if ! md5sum -c .t >/dev/null ; then
> The change was required in two places.
>     The second problem was with the tar command.  For whatever
> reason the tar command on Ubuntu Hoary can not untar files with
> .bz2, .gz, etc. extensions.  The files must be uncompressed before
> being unarchived.  Solving this problem took a little more work.  I
> to make a wrapper script (TAR) for tar that checked the extension
> and then used the correct uncompressor and piped the output to
> tar as follows:

> Michael, what version of the tools are these? You should be able to
> get that with `md5sum --version' and `tar --version'.

I stand corrected on something I posted earlier... Michael was not
bashing the developers.... I read his message a little too hastily and
misunderstood the tone... sorry for the misunderstanding!

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