Sorry -just need to vent

Steven hairpinblue at
Thu Aug 9 16:30:36 PDT 2007

On Thu, 09 Aug 2007 11:21:34 -0500, Michael J. Lynch wrote:

> Why on earth is it so difficult to make a kernel configuration from
> scratch that doesn't require an initrd image.  I've been messing around
> with it for at least a week now and I *finally* got it working. Would it

On many systems you need to build only three or four modules into the 
kernel to make it bootable.  Video, chipset, fixed disk support, and 
filesystem for the root partition.  On anything but specialized hardware 
this isn't all that much.  Everything else can be loaded by module-init-
tools after the kernel has finished initializing the system and, with 
modern systems, most modules are automagically loaded simply when they 

At one time a non-initrd image was more popular.  Initrd didn't become 
standard in Debian Sid, iirc, until late in '03.  Now that you have an 
initrd free config you may save it and use it for make oldconfig and thus 
minimize future frustration.

All that said, though, it's not much different from anything else.  The 
first mile you ever walked was the hardest mile you'll ever walk.  The 
first sort algorithm you ever wrote was the hardest sort algorithm you'll 
ever write.  The first standardized test you ever took will likely be the 
hardest standardized test you'll ever take.

With time and experience you'll be able to configure a completely blank 
kernel for whatever end product you like even without using oldconfig.

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