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> now I would like to install blfs by jhalfs
> is there an example to follow to do (step by step) for compiling ....
> for a standard example:
> Xorg + KDEcore + some usefull utility
From my current experience using blfs-tool:

- Use the current jhalfs trunk code, there is some small bugs fixed.

- Do the Post-LFS configuration steeps you want to implement before starting 
building BLFS packages.

- Start building that console utilities and general libraries that you want to 
use or that are common dependencies for several packages ( Glib2, graphic 
libraries, fcron, mc, etc.)

-  Then build Xorg7 being sure that it works properly. Install also the Nvidia 
or Ati driver if you need it.

- If you want a KDE-based desktop, install QT, D-BUS + HAL, and ALSA. After 
that you can start with KDE packages.

VERY IMPORTANT: review with a lot of care all generated build scripts and 
Makefiles. You will need to edit a lot of them.

Note: when installing QT the configure stage stop waiting the license 
approval. You must pipe yes to configure to let it do the build. 

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