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> > - Do the Post-LFS configuration steeps you want to implement before
> > starting building BLFS packages.
> may I di this aftrer building LFS ?

All that should be done after booting the new LFS system.

> how ?

Following the instructions in the Post-LFS section of the BLFS book. If you 
installed LFS with blfs-tool support and configured the network scripts, you 
should be able to use "links" to read the online BLFS from from inside the 
new LFS system. 

> I dont understand after I create folder kde-core (for example, with all
> dependencies) I must generate makefile ?
> how, from witch folder ?

See the README.BLFS file. It explains the work-flow.

Using blfs-tool is very complex. If you have never build a LFS+BLFS system by 
hand, don't use blfs-tool.

blfs-tool is useful to resolve dependencies and createing the base build 
scripts and Makefiles, but the user must review it while reading the BLFS 
page for each package to fix that unfixable generation bugs and to be sure 
that it will build what actually he want and how he want.

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