ALFS project status

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Sun Dec 16 11:29:18 PST 2007

George Boudreau wrote:
>    Other than your patch request there seemed to be zero interest in
> jhalfs. Jeremy had been making noises about reviving his c++ code and
> turning nALFS into jhalfs replacement. JHALFS seems to have run out of
> steam, Manuel and I have pushed this rock as far as we can, alone. There
> was/is talk of integrating package management into jhalfs which would
> require _more_ books mods and code changes (see the experimental
> branch). I am not available for extensive code work until next year.

I think maybe my proposal there was misunderstood. I didn't mean to make 
a replacement for jhalfs, simply another alternative. Let me see if I 
can make some regular time for LFS again, and perhaps I can lend a hand 
once more to ALFS.


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