jhalfs-2.1 Menu Book Version Error

Spunky The Wonderdog astronaut812 at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 24 12:17:40 PST 2007

The 000-masterscript.log indicated that I specified an incorrect LANG variable.

Thanks so much for the help!  

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El Miércoles, 24 de Enero de 2007 08:18, Spunky The Wonderdog escribió:

> Downloading the lfs document, 6.2 version...
> <jhalfs 2,1> exit
> Has anyone else run across this?

Work well here:

Downloading the lfs document, 6.2 version... done
Extracting commands for <LFS> build ...OK
Creating <lfs> list of tarball names for lfs-6.2  ...OK
 Document version <6.2>

Look at $BUILDDIR/jhalfs/logs/000-masterscript.log to know what was the error 
reported by svn.

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