jhalfs and the liveCD

Richard Betel emteeoh at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 10:27:59 PST 2007

I'm working on building LFS using jhalfs-2.1 on the current live CD.
I'm running into two problems.

1) To get a kernel config onto the machine (which has no network
access at the moment), I just grabbed a copy of /proc/config.gz .
uname -a reports that I'm running, which is what is in book
6.2, so it should be a perfect match. Unfortunately, it is not. Theres
an option for crypto loopback that doesnt seem to be answered by my
config, so I needed to manually answer that one. Since I wasn't around
when the question came up, the kernel build failed.
So while its easily fixed, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas why
the /proc/config.gz would not properly match the kernel build?

2) jhalfs tries to use svn to get the book. What I've been doing to
get past that stage is to let jhalfs run, exit when svn fails, then
copy /usr/share/LFS-BOOK-6.2-XML/ to /mnt/lfs/jhalfs/lfs-6.2/ and
re-running jhalfs. Is there a cleaner way to handle this? It didn't
look like there was a way to warn jhalfs not to use svn, but my
scripting skills are a little rusty.

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