jhalfs and the liveCD

Dan Nicholson dbn.lists at gmail.com
Tue Jan 30 12:01:50 PST 2007

On 1/30/07, Richard Betel <emteeoh at gmail.com> wrote:
> I'm working on building LFS using jhalfs-2.1 on the current live CD.
> I'm running into two problems.
> 1) To get a kernel config onto the machine (which has no network
> access at the moment), I just grabbed a copy of /proc/config.gz .
> uname -a reports that I'm running, which is what is in book
> 6.2, so it should be a perfect match. Unfortunately, it is not. Theres
> an option for crypto loopback that doesnt seem to be answered by my
> config, so I needed to manually answer that one. Since I wasn't around
> when the question came up, the kernel build failed.
> So while its easily fixed, I was wondering if anyone has any ideas why
> the /proc/config.gz would not properly match the kernel build?

I'm not sure the exact reason, but Alexander patches the kernel a bit,
so it may come from there.

In general, though, the lfs kernel build is not set up to use
mismatched .config files. But it's easy to take a random .config and
have the kernel add on defaults and remove unused settings. Get the
old .config in place, then run

$ make oldconfig </dev/null

Tying /dev/null to stdin will just make the script accept the defaults
for all questions. Now you've got a working .config file and you can
tell jhalfs to use that one. Maybe jhalfs should do this by default,
but I don't recall exactly what it does there.

> 2) jhalfs tries to use svn to get the book. What I've been doing to
> get past that stage is to let jhalfs run, exit when svn fails, then
> copy /usr/share/LFS-BOOK-6.2-XML/ to /mnt/lfs/jhalfs/lfs-6.2/ and
> re-running jhalfs. Is there a cleaner way to handle this? It didn't
> look like there was a way to warn jhalfs not to use svn, but my
> scripting skills are a little rusty.

I don't remember the settings, but you can just tell jhalfs that
/usr/share/LFS-BOOK-6.2-XML is the local copy you want to use. Then it
won't try to do a checkout because it will consider that the checkout
is already done. It should be clear from the config menus which option
this is. I haven't run it in a while, though.


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