HLFS support staus

George Boudreau georgeb at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Jul 2 12:55:26 PDT 2007

M.Canales.es wrote:
> El Domingo, 1 de Julio de 2007 03:18, George Boudreau escribió:
>> I also noticed a problem with CLF-Embedded. We do not set the ABI
>> variable 'BUILD' in config menu. According to the book there a number of
>> choices.. -m32/-m64/-mabi=32/-mabi=n32/-mabi=64 .. depending on the
>> processor and library. As a test I hand coded the variable for a build
>> and it failed. I don't know if it is the book or jhalfs (sound familiar)
> I have found two bugs in the book commands, one when configuring uClibc and 
> another when installing Busybox (none has been fixed yet). 
   I reported those bugs in March and there was no response. The online 
book has not been updated since February and there has been little 
activity in the svn.
> Apart from that, a ARCH_x86 PROC_i686 system builds fine.
   I think I had problems with the mips/arm builds (related to the ABI) 
but you may have fixed that bug.

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