JHalfs-2.2 and blfs

TheOldFellow theoldfellow at gmail.com
Thu Jul 5 04:00:04 PDT 2007

I have quite a few remarks about jhalfs-2.2 and blfs.

I should start, however, by saying up front that it's an excellent tool
for building LFS (at least svn-2007-630, which built fine here last

1) I find the documentation for the BLFS phase somewhat confusing,
mainly because part of it is in the README (section 6), and part of it
is README.BLFS.  The readme in general could do with editing out the
Espenglish :-)  (It's good documentation really!  You do NOT want me
to do the Spanish translation!!)

2) The scripts don't work because LFS puts ldconfig into /sbin,
and a normal user will not necessarily have /sbin in his path.  Either
code the full path or warn in the documentation.

3) In utf-8 locales (en_GB.utf8, for instance) the makefile doesn't run
properly, and it's necessary to pass LANG=??? to the make command, or
change LANG temporarily.  This should be noted in the docs.

4) If you build jhalfs on a system that uses the old names for the
ncurses libraries (without w), then you need to rebuild menu/{,m}conf
 before they work.  The best bet would be not to install the binaries
from the host and always regenerate them on the first (or every) run of

5) The README's talk about ../gen_makefile.sh when it's installed
as ../gen-makefile.sh.

6) Progress_bar.sh is installed without x permission in blfs_root.
This causes every build to fail.

5) The xorg7 build is completely broken.  There are three problems:
 a)  $SRC_ARCHIVE isn't checked.
 b)  The scripts don't have the WGET list properly inserted.
 c)  Now that the Wget lists have comments in them, there is a need to
     filter those lines out in the scripts, otherwise the script tries
     to build #.

Apart from (5) I could solve all the problems, and build stuff really
easily.  I'm afraid by bash, sed, awk, grep skills are not up to fixing
the xorg bit though...


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