JHalfs-2.2 and blfs

Per Arne Munthe lfs at peram.org
Thu Jul 5 05:15:52 PDT 2007

TheOldFellow wrote:
> I have quite a few remarks about jhalfs-2.2 and blfs.
> I should start, however, by saying up front that it's an excellent tool
> for building LFS (at least svn-2007-630, which built fine here last
> night)
> [snip]
> 5) The xorg7 build is completely broken.  There are three problems:
>  a)  $SRC_ARCHIVE isn't checked.
>  b)  The scripts don't have the WGET list properly inserted.
>  c)  Now that the Wget lists have comments in them, there is a need to
>      filter those lines out in the scripts, otherwise the script tries
>      to build #.
> Apart from (5) I could solve all the problems, and build stuff really
> easily.  I'm afraid by bash, sed, awk, grep skills are not up to fixing
> the xorg bit though...
> Richard.

This is what I did :

WGET_LST=`grep -v '^#' ../proto-7.2.wget`
WGET_LST=`grep -v '^#' ../proto-7.2.wget`
for package in $WGET_LST ; do
  packagedir=$(echo $package | sed 's/.tar.bz2//')
  tar -xf $package
  cd $packagedir
./configure $XORG_CONFIG
sudo sh -c "make install"
  cd ..
  rm -rf $packagedir
sudo ldconfig

and of course I added /sbin to my unpriv'ed user.

Hope this helps anyone :-)


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