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Thu Jul 19 11:42:36 PDT 2007

El Jueves, 19 de Julio de 2007 20:00, Dan Nicholson escribió:

> The problem is that the entities aren't resolved within the PIs, so it
> just comes out as &glibc-version;.

Oh, yes, that's a PITA.

> Another option I thought of was to use a custom DTD for <sect1> by
> just overloading the standard DocBook one with a local one. But I'd
> prefer not to do that since it adds potential for errors in the local
> sect1 definition.

When the sources will be migrated to Relax-NG such type of schema 
customizations will be very more easy to do.

For now, looks that the <sect1info> way is the most semantically proper one. 
The issue is that when using DocBook-5 all <*info> tags must be replaced by 
plain <info>.

Plus, we should to use <sect1info condition="script"> to be sure that it's not 
rendered on the HTML or PDF outputs.

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