JHalfs-2.2 and blfs

M.Canales.es macana at macana-es.com
Thu Jul 26 13:28:45 PDT 2007

El Jueves, 5 de Julio de 2007 13:00, TheOldFellow escribió:

> 1) I find the documentation for the BLFS phase somewhat confusing,
> mainly because part of it is in the README (section 6), and part of it
> is README.BLFS.  The readme in general could do with editing out the
> Espenglish :-)  

Maybe that is fixed now.

> 2) The scripts don't work because LFS puts ldconfig into /sbin,
> and a normal user will not necessarily have /sbin in his path.  Either
> code the full path or warn in the documentation.


> 3) In utf-8 locales (en_GB.utf8, for instance) the makefile doesn't run
> properly, and it's necessary to pass LANG=??? to the make command, or
> change LANG temporarily.  This should be noted in the docs.

Could you explain what not work and/or show us the ouput error? 

In theory, the generated blfs-tool and xLFS Makefiles are similar and uses 
almost the same features, thus if an xLFS Makefile works on UTF-8 locales I 
can't figure out wy an blfs-tool Makefile not :-?

> 4) If you build jhalfs on a system that uses the old names for the
> ncurses libraries (without w), then you need to rebuild menu/{,m}conf
>  before they work.  The best bet would be not to install the binaries
> from the host and always regenerate them on the first (or every) run of 
> make.

Fixed via regenerating always the binaries.

> 5) The README's talk about ../gen_makefile.sh when it's installed
> as ../gen-makefile.sh.


> 6) Progress_bar.sh is installed without x permission in blfs_root.
> This causes every build to fail.

Fixed. It must bu run via /bin/bash, like in xLFS Makefiles.

> 5) The xorg7 build is completely broken.  There are three problems:
>  a)  $SRC_ARCHIVE isn't checked.

Yes, like is discussed on README.BLFS. I will see if something could be done 
for 2.3

>  b)  The scripts don't have the WGET list properly inserted.
>  c)  Now that the Wget lists have comments in them, there is a need to
>      filter those lines out in the scripts, otherwise the script tries
>      to build #.

The Xorg7 scripts are fixed now, appart the Mesa sources issue for when 
building Xorg-Server. I'm working on that now.

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