Error building clfs svn.

Stef Bon stef at
Sun Jul 29 04:01:25 PDT 2007


I'm using jhalfs which I've checked out yesterday, and trying to build a
multilib clfs.

Yesterday I ran into a bug (is it?)  when it was busy with command
061-choose. This gave an (expected?) error. After reading in the CLFS book
online it should give an error because I'm building from a 32 bits i386
platform. THis is not so obvious. I'm new to the cross compiling, and this
information should go into prebuidling documentation, like a FAQ. I came
into this issue earlier. But this is not a jhalfs thing..

Now today jhalfs ran into an error when trying to do 062-introduction.
It tries to change to the clfs account, while in the configuration of jhalfs
I wanted an other user. 

Now I've changed this file manually so jhalfs can continue where it is left.

Stef Bon

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