Problems with jhalfs macana at
Sun Jul 29 07:54:15 PDT 2007

El Domingo, 29 de Julio de 2007 14:22, Per Arne Munthe escribió:

>         Generating from package data ...basename: missing operand
> Try `basename --help' for more information.
> dirname: missing operand
> Try `dirname --help' for more information.
> ./ line 47: [: =: unary operator expected

> Any pointers on whats wrong ? is not parsing properly packages file for you, but it works fine 

Is your packages file well generated? I.e, it must be a tabs-delimited list 
and start like

alsa blfs-xml 1.0.13 
gnome-core blfs-xml 2.18.3 
gnome-full blfs-xml 2.18.3 
kde-core blfs-xml 3.5.6 
kde-full blfs-xml 3.5.6 
kde-koffice blfs-xml 1.6.1 
xorg7 blfs-xml 7.2 
fetchmail blfs-xml/basicnet/mailnews/fetchmail.xml 6.3.4 
mailx blfs-xml/basicnet/mailnews/mailx.xml 12.2 
mutt blfs-xml/basicnet/mailnews/mutt.xml 1.5.16 
pine blfs-xml/basicnet/mailnews/pine.xml 4.64 

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