Problems with jhalfs

Per Arne Munthe lfs at
Sun Jul 29 12:32:52 PDT 2007

Per Arne Munthe wrote:
> wrote:
> [snip]
Sigh, I'm still having problems though :


Are you happy with these settings? yes/no (no): yes


«./libs/gnome-core.dep-MOD» -> «./libs/gnome-core.dep»
        Generating gnome-core dependencies tree ...

call: 1 gnome-user-docs
call: 2  gnome-doc-utils
call: 3   libxslt
 ret: 3   libxslt  Using libxslt Xinc to solve gnome-doc-utils
call: 3   scrollkeeper
call: 4    DocBook
 ret: 4    DocBook  Using DocBook Xinc to solve scrollkeeper
 ret: 3   scrollkeeper  Using scrollkeeper Xinc to solve gnome-doc-utils
 ret: 2  gnome-doc-utils  Using gnome-doc-utils Xinc to solve 
 ret: 1 gnome-user-docs  Using gnome-user-docs Xinc to solve gnome-core
call: 1 yelp
call: 2  firefox
call: 3   gtk2 
parser error : Comment not terminated
unable to parse ../blfs-xml/x/lib/pango.xml
make: *** [menuconfig] Error 6

Any new ideas on whats wrong ?


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