Issues when restarting jhalfs-2.2

Thomas Trepl ttrepl at
Sun Jun 17 04:32:05 PDT 2007

Hi guys,

I'm trying to setup a LFS on my RS/6000 43p-150.  So far so good, but when 
restarting jhalfs it seems that there are some open points.  
With "restarting" I mean simply doing the 'make' again after a previous run 
has been crashed for whichever reason.
Restarting wents fine in the very first chapter, but now the kernel build has 
failed (maybe I reproduce). After that, a make will result in

        Processing... <host prep files  ( SETUP ) >
        Processing... <cross tools  ( LUSER ) >
        Processing... <temp system  ( LUSER ) >
        Processing... <tmptools CHROOT        ( CHROOT ) >
        Processing... <(chroot) final system ( CHROOT ) >
        Processing... <(chroot) bootscripts   ( CHROOT ) >
        Processing... <(chroot) make bootable ( CHROOT ) >
Creating Makefile... DONE

Building the system...
make[1]: Entering directory `/mnt/lfs/jhalfs'
You are going to CHROOT into /mnt/lfs clfs
a password is required
Executing  CHROOT JAIL  scripts
Building target 171-kernel
/tools/bin/bash: cannot redirect standard input from /dev/null: Permission 

Seems so that there is something wrong with the /dev .

Some ideas?


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