Issues when restarting jhalfs-2.2 macana at
Mon Jun 18 10:05:14 PDT 2007

El Domingo, 17 de Junio de 2007 13:32, Thomas Trepl escribió:

> <hardcopy>
>         Processing... <host prep files  ( SETUP ) >
>         Processing... <cross tools  ( LUSER ) >
>         Processing... <temp system  ( LUSER ) >
>         Processing... <tmptools CHROOT        ( CHROOT ) >
>         Processing... <(chroot) final system ( CHROOT ) >
>         Processing... <(chroot) bootscripts   ( CHROOT ) >
>         Processing... <(chroot) make bootable ( CHROOT ) >
> Creating Makefile... DONE

To restart a failed build you must to cd to `/mnt/lfs/jhalfs' and run "make" 
from inside that directory.

I you re-run the configuration and rebuild the Makefile you can mess the 
already builded targets.

Plus, there is no built-in support to restart a build stopped while building 
the chroot phase if the virtual filesystems are unmounted, like after a 
system reboot.  I that situations the virtual filesystems must be manually 
mounted a root before re-running make as a normal user.

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