Issues when restarting jhalfs-2.2

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I have played with jhalfs a little, but I have not been able to find a place that gives execution instructions. At what point should jhalfs be run? Is to start the initial build of the temporary system, or is it after the temporary system is in place and the toolchain has been test to compile the final system? This is for a LFS build. I have had some trouble, and I think I may be starting at the wrong point. I appreciate your help.


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El Domingo, 17 de Junio de 2007 13:32, Thomas Trepl escribió:

> <hardcopy>
>         Processing... <host prep files  ( SETUP ) >
>         Processing... <cross tools  ( LUSER ) >
>         Processing... <temp system  ( LUSER ) >
>         Processing... <tmptools CHROOT        ( CHROOT ) >
>         Processing... <(chroot) final system ( CHROOT ) >
>         Processing... <(chroot) bootscripts   ( CHROOT ) >
>         Processing... <(chroot) make bootable ( CHROOT ) >
> Creating Makefile... DONE

To restart a failed build you must to cd to `/mnt/lfs/jhalfs' and run "make" 
from inside that directory.

I you re-run the configuration and rebuild the Makefile you can mess the 
already builded targets.

Plus, there is no built-in support to restart a build stopped while building 
the chroot phase if the virtual filesystems are unmounted, like after a 
system reboot.  I that situations the virtual filesystems must be manually 
mounted a root before re-running make as a normal user.

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