Logging and bc. [Was: Re: r3353]

M.Canales.es macana at macana-es.com
Sat May 19 05:03:31 PDT 2007

El Sábado, 19 de Mayo de 2007 13:27, Ag. D. Hatzimanikas escribió:
> On Fri, May 18, at 07:21 M.Canales.es wrote:

> > The tar option looks more obvious, but I think that to be useful the
> > package's sources files touch need be done after creating the
> > timestamp-marker file.
> Right.

Actually timestamp-marker is created before unpacking the package, thus any of 
both approach could be used. If a matter to see if the -m tar option can be 
used only when the logging is requested, but not in normal builds, to keep 
normal builds the most clossed possible to book commands expectation.

> I don't have enough knowledge to comment about your last sentence, but in
> practice, for more than 6 month usage (about 10 builds) of this method I
> didn't have a failure of this kind.
> In fact I didn't have a single failure of any kind for quite sometime now,
> except an incompatibility with a snapshot of gcc-4.2 and openssl but this
> is another issue.

Thanks for the report. I started a set of builds to test  each proposed 
change. I must test also if the installed files logging feature is compatible 
with ICA/farce feature.

> Dan posted a patch in february [1] aiming to replace bc with perl, which I
> agree. 

Looks like that patch was intended to replace time, not bc. And it was lost 
inside the SHELL thread.

> Why we have to use an external application, when perl can do the 
> math? He is using printf and two variables to calculate the seconds, while
> - a long time now - I use almost a method like Jhalfs to create the sbu
> report, so I am posting a snippet of this patch I played a bit yesterday
> night, as I am more familiar and it looks more simple.
> If you are interested I can do the rest. I stopped in one point as you will
> see, that I needed a log file created by jhalfs to chech the pattern,
> which I don't have.

I don't know Perl sintax, thus I opted by bc when creating the script. I you 
can create a patch dropping bc dependency while kepping the same 
functionality, we will apply it.

> <confess> I don't use jhalfs</confess>.

Yet? ;-)

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