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M.Canales.es macana at macana-es.com
Sun May 20 04:40:40 PDT 2007

El Domingo, 20 de Mayo de 2007 01:15, M.Canales.es escribió:

> Only the second one should be needed, and yes, I made the same change with
> Glibc build failing two times.
> I will launch a new build again to see what happens....

Using -m tar option failed again at the same point. I tried them moving 
touch_timestamp() call after the unpackingg and changing it to:

define touch_timestamp
 @touch $(SRC)/timestamp-marker && sleep 1
 @ROOT=`head -n1 $(SRC)/$(PKG_LST) | sed 's@^./@@;s@/.*@@'` && \
 find $(SRC) ! -name "*.am" ! -name "*.in" ! -name "*.gperf" -exec touch {} \;

The build go fine until 070-sed, failing here when trying to regenerate a 
*.gmo file. Revising the build log I noticed Sed was trying also to run 
aclocal due it think that some *.ac and *.m4 files has been updated.

Plus, GCC and Binutils build logs show that they was rebuilding also their 
translated messages, documuentation, man pages, and info pages.

I'm now trying another build with this:

define touch_timestamp
 @touch $(SRC)/timestamp-marker && sleep 1
 @ROOT=`head -n1 $(SRC)/$(PKG_LST) | sed 's@^./@@;s@/.*@@'` && \
 find $$ROOT ! -name "*.ac"  ! -name "*.am" ! -name "*.in" ! -name "*.gperf" \
    ! -name "*.m4" ! -name "*.po" -exec touch {} \; && sleep 1

But I can't understand how -m tar option works for you. Are you sure that your 
source files are actually touched?

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