Questions/queries on jhalfs

Thomas Pegg thomasp at
Tue Sep 4 17:39:53 PDT 2007

Kevin Williams wrote:
> I've downloaded jhalfs, svn version, rev 3466, to help ease the pain for 
> my second build of BLFS.
> I've a bunch of questions regarding the working of jhalfs.
> 1. Can I build LFS first and then go for BLFS ? I mean, can I use 
> different jhalfs
>     sources for LFS and BLFS or do I have to use the same jhalfs I used 
> for both ?
>     And, is it that, I have to go for BLFS to begin with ? I'm lil' 
> confused here.
>     All I'm trying to know is that, can I build LFS and BLFS 
> independently of each
>     other at least in the matters of jhalfs ?
If you mean using two completely different versions of jhalfs I wouldn't
recommend that or see it as necessary, since both LFS and BLFS can be
setup using the same version.

> 2. Can I build BLFS in a chrooted environment ? If not, how or what 
> files/config
>     do I need to change (a hint shall be enough !). I was thinking of 
> using the same
>     technique as LFS. Would this lead to any difficulties/complications 
> from point
>     of view of jhalfs ?
Of course, many seasoned LFS builders (myself included) do it that way
all the time, only one package (namely Qt) has been known not to build
right in a chroot.

> 3. Can I stop the build anytime I like and resume from the last known 
> point ?
>     Or, at least from the last package that was being compiled ?
Seeing as jhalfs generates a Makefile, it is resumable. Except if you
were to stop it during the chroot phase and then reboot, it might get a
little tricky.

> 4. Does jhalfs keeps track of installed packages even when I reconfigure 
> jhalfs
>     using menuconfig provided I unselect the 'Rebuild files' and leave the
>     $TRACKING_DIR intact ? This is because, I want to include lots of 
That's what the TRACKING_DIR is for, unless it's cleaned out for some
reason, jhalfs will know what's installed hopefully.

> 5. I need to keep track of the files being installed by each of the package
>     individually so I can use a package management tool like paco. How

It's possible, there was a patch to add paco support to jhalfs that was
included in a few of the past versions of jhalfs, but it wasn't being
maintained by the person who created it for a while and was eventually


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