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Thu Sep 13 12:08:49 PDT 2007

El Jueves, 13 de Septiembre de 2007 20:54, Jean-Luc Delatre escribió:

> I am not crying for help on how to use it, I am complaining about poor
> design which has nothing to do "normal operations". Failing to create
> directories when not yet present means you NEVER tested your script on a
> "blank slate" partition. 

Only 10 or 15 times in the last month.. Yes, I must admit that that is not 
enought testing, I should build a new system each day :-P

> Clobbering the Makefile when running "out of the 
> box" is preposterous!

There is only one way to clobber the jhalfs Makefile with the generated build 
Makefile, and it is due  your fault about doing bad assuptions, not a jhalfs 
bug or lack of testing.

Why are you trying to overwritte the jhalfs sources with the jhalfs output?

Where in the README say that you must to install jhalfs sources into $BUILDIR?

If you have actually read the sources, like looks you have done from your 
posts, you should have noticed that the jhalfs sources tree and the 
$BUILDDIR/jhalfs output drectory are different things.

I don't know of any package that will install their output files on-top of the 
sources files, why are you trying to do that with jhalfs?????

Before blame some software please, review you are using it properly.

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