Linguistic Shortcomings.

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Fri Sep 14 11:18:55 PDT 2007

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"J. Greenlees" <lists at> wrote:

> > you're = 'you are' and never, ever, a possessive pronoun.
> > e.g you're a fine chap, you're right about that, you're a imbecile,
> > you're idea is rubbish.
> Since grammatically, "you're an imbecile" is the correct phrasing. :)
> English requires the 'an' when the following word begins with a vowel.

I read somewhere on t'internet (Yorkshire dialect) that there was a
rule about language flames - something like: Every language flame will
contain at least one error in either grammar or spelling - no matter
how hard you try!

In this instance, it was a typo, not a spello; but there was know way
for you to no that! :)


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