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Thu Jan 31 12:58:09 PST 2008

Yes, that solves it. But I have another question. Check below.
    x x                 [ ] ALSA 1.0.13  (NEW)                                                               x x
  x x                 [ ] GNOME-CORE 2.14.3  (NEW)                                                         x x
  x x                 [ ] GNOME-FULL 2.14.3  (NEW)                                                         x x
  x x                 [ ] KDE-CORE 3.5.6  (NEW)                                                            x x
  x x                 [ ] KDE-FULL 3.5.6  (NEW)                                                            x x
  x x                 [ ] KDE-KOFFICE 1.6.1  (NEW)                                                         x x
  x x                 [*] XORG7 7.1                                                                        x x
  x x                       XORG7 components  --->                                                         x x
  x x                 ---                                   
  *** End of JHALFS configuration.
TARGET............ <xorg7>
DEP_LEVEL......... <2>
SUDO.............. <y>
PRINT_SERVER...... <cups>
MAIL_SERVER....... <sendmail>
GHOSTSCRIPT....... <espgs>
KBR5.............. <mitkrb>
X11............... <xorg7>
  Are you happy with these settings? yes/no (no): yes
  `./libs/xorg7.dep-MOD' -> `./libs/xorg7.dep'
        Generating xorg7 dependencies tree ...
  call: 1 xterm2
 ret: 1 xterm2  Using xterm2 Xinc to solve xorg7
call: 1 xorg7-driver
call: 2  xorg7-server
call: 3   xorg7-font
call: 4    xorg7-app
call: 5     mesalib
 ret: 5     mesalib  Using mesalib Xinc to solve xorg7-app
 ret: 4    xorg7-app  Using xorg7-app Xinc to solve xorg7-font
call: 4    xorg7-data
 ret: 4    xorg7-data  Using xorg7-data Xinc to solve xorg7-font
 ret: 3   xorg7-font  Using xorg7-font Xinc to solve xorg7-server
 ret: 2  xorg7-server  Using xorg7-server Xinc to solve xorg7-driver
 ret: 1 xorg7-driver  Using xorg7-driver Xinc to solve xorg7
call: 1 luit
 ret: 1 luit  Using luit Xinc to solve xorg7I/O error : Is a directory
.../:1: parser error : Document is empty
.../:1: parser error : Start tag expected, '<' not found
I/O error : Is a directory
unable to parse ../
make[1]: *** [menuconfig] Error 6
make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/jhalfs/blfs_root'
  ERROR: basic error trapped!
<jhalfs 2.3.1> exit

  What is wrong in here?

Thomas Pegg <thomasp at> wrote:
  amarsoft amarsoft wrote:

> Are you happy with these settings? yes/no (no): yes
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
> mkdir: created directory `blfs-xml'
> svn: URL 'svn://' doesn't exist
> What is wrong in here?

The actual 6.2 release is tagged as 6.2.0, retry with the version set to 
6.2.0 and it should work.


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